Sitges Tourism Insurance

Allianz Hotels Allianz Hotels is a comprehensive insurance policy specifically aimed at companies developing the hotel business. Allianz Hotels offers extensive coverage for equity: Building and Trousseau. It also provides liability coverage. Consult your nearest dealer, ask for advice without  →

Sitges Pet Insurance

Insurance for a pet, can take some of the worry out of caring for one of most peoples treasured possessions. Especially when living in rural areas, such as Sitges Hills, with wild animals or travelling with pets around Spain and  →

Sitges Office Insurance

Allianz Trade To satisfy your customers and not think about contingencies. Trade Allianz is a comprehensive insurance plan designed to provide protection to most commercial risks as well as offices and workshops, personalized and specific conditions of coverage for different  →

Sitges Moped & Motorbike Insurance

Allianz Moto At Allianz we respond to the demands of the sector of two-wheeled vehicles, introducing major improvements in our products. Allianz Moto is a product aimed at motorcycles and mopeds, particularly for private use. Over 10% of the Spanish  →

Sitges Mobile Insurance

Worried about taking your valuable phone on holiday. Even in Sitges, where crime may be low, there is always loss on a wild night out or the elements. Sand and water can be a problem.  →

Sitges Life Insurance

Allianz Life The whole life ahead Allianz Insurance For the most important is people, people who can seek advice on securing your future plans, without hesitation and with guarantees. Taking advantage of favorable market top for investment and saving and  →

Sitges Home Insurance

Allianz Home At decisive moments, Allianz Home This policy provides, through its various types of contracts, a set of guarantees and benefits that makes it suitable to the special coverage needs that may require a home, whether regularly or secondary,  →

Sitges Hunting & Fishing Insurance

Allianz Hunting and Fishing Enjoy a safe Fish and Game Allianz Game and Fish is a product with a vocation for the optimum response to the real needs of the Hunters and Fishermen, it is a product aimed at ensuring  →

Sitges Holiday Insurance

Allianz Accident Enjoy every moment with the confidence to feel safe. Accidents Allianz is an insurance policy of individual contracts which guarantee payment of a lump sum when the insured suffers an accident. The scope of protection is complete since  →

Sitges Health Insurance

Allianz Health. Because everyone is different, Allianz Health is flexible and adapts to the needs of your family. Health Allianz is an insurance policy designed for people and to cover all possibilities to ensure their health, making it easily adaptable  →
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